#WhyIScience: Naeem Nadaf

Meet a research associate with a passion for perfecting research methods.

Repeated UTIs may stem from a disrupted microbiome

Broad researchers discover that changes in immune responses and the gut microbial community could underlie repeated occurrences of these common infections.

Study finds new patterns of antibiotic resistance spread in hospitals

Using a newly developed method, researchers have discovered more movement of key antibiotic resistance genes within hospitals than previously thought.

Population-based study reveals strong genetic links with multiple cardiometabolic diseases and traits

Broad scientists analyzed sequencing data from more than 200,000 people and found rare genetic variants associated with diseases like diabetes and heart failure.

Novel brain research could feed misplaced sci-fi worries for the public

Organoids and chimeras do pose ethical concerns, but experts say wild-eyed popular commentaries are off-base.

The Loh Down on Science

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Time flies when you’re in lockdown

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